Using S3Fox to manage your files in Amazon’s S3 storage

If you work within Amazon’s S3 bucket storage then you probably already know about S3Fox.  If you don’t know about it – then this is a tool you will want to get.

S3Fox in it’s simplest form acts just like an FTP client.  Plain and simple.  What it allows you to do is get, put and manage your files in S3 without having to worry about the S3 specific commands.

S3 Fox is a firefox add-on and is incredibly simple to install.  Once you have it installed hit the “manage accounts” button.  You will need to create an account profile that represents your S3 Bucket.  You will need:

  • Account Name (usually your account username)
  • Your Account Access Key
  • Your Account Secret

That is it. You then are able to access your S3 files just as you would through an FTP server.

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