AccessDenied error on an asset in Amazon S3 Storage

Have you ever seen this error while interacting with your assests through the Amazon S3 storage?


Well – I sure have… a lot… This error can mean a few things… but more then likely it is one of two most probably causes.

  1. The file does not exist
  2. The file does not have the proper permissions

It is easy to validate the first one.  Jump in S3Fox and go to the actual location of the file within your bucket.  Is it there?  If not then something happened in your upload script that caused it to fail – or (even worse) maybe the asset went missing from your repro and is no longer a part of your code.

If the asset is there – then go ahead and right click on it within S3Fox.  You will get an option to view the ACL settings.  See what settings are on the file.  Most likely then the file was uploaded with improper permissions and will need to be set properly.  Go ahead and check the appropriate permissions you want to set and then hit ok.

Hopefully one of those two suggestions fixes your issue.

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