Celebrate Success

It might seem like a trivial thing – but success needs to be celebrated.  Find achievements to celebrate within your team.

I have never met a person who does not want to succeed in their life.  Success is also contagious and provides a valuable fuel to get projects and other great works accomplished.

This could be as simple as sending a congratulatory email to someone (direct report or not) who has recently achieved a goal, drove a process to adoption and so forth.  More elaborate celebrations are also in order when new products are launch, quarterly goals are met and so forth.

Celebrations do not have to break then bank – and often celebrations that get out of hand are the ones that cause problems down the road.  A celebration that is too expensive or takes too much energy to plan – is often the celebration that is discouraged in the future.  Keep you parties and celebrations simple.  Make them easy for people to attend and enjoy.  Ensure that they have a clear purpose (which is to take a few moments and take pride in an accomplishment).

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