Research -> Connect -> Develop

Entrepreneurs know the importance of researching their target market and developing a solution that fits those needs.  There is a step however in between research and develop that is often over looked.  That is the idea of connecting with others after researching and before developing.

SC Johnson and company has a terrific example that demonstrates this when they talk about how they developed the Pringles brand chip.  The performed their research and found the type of chip that they wanted to make for consumers.  They could have immediately went into production and began making this style of chip – but didn’t.  Instead they decided to reach out to their network to see if anyone had any similar experience in providing this solution.  What they found was that they had a partner that had experience doing something similar on a tortilla.  They were able to collaborate with them gaining valuable insights and advice that reduced in countless saved man hours and cost.

Research -> Connect -> Develop.  Even if you understand the end goal, that does not mean that you need to re-invent the wheel every time.  Look for open source projects that accomplish a similar task.  Reach out to friends and co-workers with your problem and proposed solution to see if anyone can share experiences.  You will often find yourself pleasantly surprised at both how much people are interested in sharing as well as how much help is available to you.

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