User Authentication within Hudson / Jenkins

I ran into an issue the other day trying to get hudson (jenkins) to authenticate off of the locally installed linux table.  The options for authentication are generally things like: Hudson’s own user table.  Fast and easy – but a pain to add new users, forcing them to register, etc… LDAP Authentication.  Great if access […]

Rolling Restart in Apache ZooKeeper to dynamically add servers to the Ensemble

As of the writing of this post there is currently no way in Apache ZooKeeper to dynamically add a master ZooKeeper server to the ZooKeeper Ensemble.  That is until is resolved. As a work around there is a process known as the ZooKeeper ensemble rolling restart to get around this issue. When you specify […]

Nagios – Opinions and Feedback

I have been using Nagios for several years ( – and realized the other day that I have never written my formal opinions on the system. In a nutshell – I love Nagios.  It works fantastically.  At the same time – I am incredibly surprised that there is not mor business insights, reporting or analysis […]