User Authentication within Hudson / Jenkins

I ran into an issue the other day trying to get hudson (jenkins) to authenticate off of the locally installed linux table.  The options for authentication are generally things like:

  • Hudson’s own user table.  Fast and easy – but a pain to add new users, forcing them to register, etc…
  • LDAP Authentication.  Great if access to an LDAP server is available… not so well if there isn’t one
  • Unix user group.  Great if you have user accounts on the unix server

In this case user accounts are pushed out to this server and controlled elsewhere.  So I wanted to use the Unix user group module.  I enabled it and gave it a whirl.  Unfortunately I got an error saying that it did not have access to the Unix User Database?  Huh?

After some searching I found that I could easily make the change by running the following command.

sudo chmod g+r /etc/shadow

This changed the perms on the shadow DB and gave us access to the user account list.

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