Driving an Incident Response

I sometimes joke around with others that I have been on call 24×7 ever since I joined Zynga in October of 2008.  I have helped out on many incidents and outages, each with their own specific traits and difficulties.  There are many valuable skills that an on call engineer can apply to firefighting an incident. […]

Mobile development with AppMobi

Recently I started a side project to create a mobile application using the AppMobi service.  http://www.appmobi.com.  I wanted to take a minute to share my experience. Overall Experience Fast, simple and FREE! My first impression with using AppMobi was that if you have a simple mobile application that needs to be made – this will be […]

The Digital Pipeline

A while ago I had a conversation with a friend who was explaining to me the concept of the “The Digital Pipeline”.  It was a concept that really intrigued me and as such I wanted to portray some of those details here. What is the Digital Pipeline? Any time an image is digitized and brought […]

Example Clean Trunk Branching Strategy

I was cleaning up the files on my laptop the other day and came across a document I used a few years ago to explain our Code Repository Branching strategy.  I figured I would share it in a post. The scenario was a group of 4 different development pods of about 5-6 developers in each. […]

Expedition Bhutan

We had our second meetup for the Zynga Photo Club earlier this week.  Dave Kelly joined us and shared his recent trek across the country of Bhutan.  Amazing photographs.  Great color, wonderful captures of the people.  The country is known for being the happiest in the world and the photos truly capture that. Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/expeditionbhutan […]

How to get started in Underwater Photography

How on earth do you start in Underwater photography?  A professional rig and setup can cost upwards to $5,000.  For that reason my personal recommendation is to start small, experiment and get familiar with the discipline. Disposable Camera The best way to start is to start small.  Do you have a point and shoot camera […]

Joel Spolsky – On “Getting out of the way” style of Management

I was sent a great article today written by Joel Spolsky.  http://www.avc.com/a_vc/2012/02/the-management-team-guest-post-from-joel-spolsky.html In short he summaries Top Down Management.  One where the CEO makes all of the decisions and hands it down to the team.  Joel argues that this approach no longer works and we need to flip the pyramid.  The developers, product managers and sales […]

Ideas are a dime a dozen – Execution is what matters

Take a second and think about a past idea you have had to make something better.  This could have been fixing a process at work, launching a new business, creating a new product, etc.  Chances are that there are several of these that you can think of.  Now ask yourself why these ideas never came […]

User Performance Monitoring using Watir

A colleague of mine, Kyle Sun, spent some time implementing a Watir and web-driver based performance monitoring system.  In this post I thought I would share some of the generic results on Waitr. The Problem The problem we were trying to solve was that we needed to monitor load performance of actions on our site. […]

The Boy Scout Rule of Engineering

Like many others out there, I am an Eagle Scout.  One of the mantra’s that the Boy Scouts of America organization has is to “Leave something better then when you arrived.”  If you were camping, this meant that you leave the campsite cleaner then when you arrived. I have vivid memories of me and my […]