Ideas are a dime a dozen – Execution is what matters

Take a second and think about a past idea you have had to make something better.  This could have been fixing a process at work, launching a new business, creating a new product, etc.  Chances are that there are several of these that you can think of.  Now ask yourself why these ideas never came to fruition.

In a general sense, I believe that nearly everyone wants to improve their situation, quality of life or employment status.   What holds us back is our inability to simply drive the scenario in front of us.  Don’t take this wrong way – I am not trying to be a downer – but rather I am trying to identify and understand what sits in our way.

Our inability to drive an improvement could be caused by a lot of things.  Perhaps we are lacking a required skill, such as a network engineer wanting to transition to being a software engineer.  Maybe we lack a certain personality style or trait, such as someone who wants to make the leap into management.  The list is long and could go on forever.

The key then is identify whatever it is that sits in our way.  Once that blocker is found – we can then put our able mind to the task of figuring out a plan to overcome that blocker.  Without knowing what obstacles are sitting in front of us – there is little hope in being able to accomplish our goals.

This step can be very difficult or a lot of people.  We have heard it portrayed as stepping out of your comfort zone.  It can take a lot of courage to confront an issue head on and make the necessary change required for improvement.  Most of the time however the benefit outweighs the cost.  All we need to do is muster up the courage to take the step.

It is for this reason that execution is so important.  Sure you have a hundred wonderful ideas for improvement – but which one are you actually bringing to reality?

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