Favorite Skype Commands

We use skype a lot.  Skype, like most other chat products has it’s plusses and minuses.

I had to evict someone the other day from a chat.  As a result I had to learn a few of the commands within Skype.  The full list of commands can be found on the skype website. Listed below are some of the ones that I found the most useful.

Removes someone from a chat (remember to user their Skype ID not their profile name).

Removes someone and bans them from rejoining.

/get creator
Returns the owner of the chat – very useful as only certain user levels are able to ban or boot people from chats.

Loads the chat history into your view

Lets you leave the chat

/me [text]
puts your name in front of any text that put after it – this is a good way to show some expression in your conversation. 🙂

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