MAMP and WAMP – they just rock!

Every now and then I come across an Open Source project that just really “Wows” me.  The MAMP and WAMP projects are one of those.  As a developer, both professionally and on my own personal side projects, the MAMP and WAMP open source projects have been a huge help.

Some Acrophobia:

  • LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP
  • MAMP: Mac, Apache, MySQL and PHP
  • WAMP: Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP

The MAMP project can be found here:

The WAMP project can be found here:

Both open source projects are very active and have lots of training on how to get up and running.  Trying to cover all of the edge cases here in this post would be way too exhaustive.

Regardless of the scale of work you do – if you engineer websites having a MAMP or WAMP installation setup is extremely valuable.  I often use it the most for simply testing out a quick script or code block (much like a plug and play component) before adding it to primary repos.  If you have not yet setup your own local setup – I highly suggest you do it.

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