5 Things not to do during an interview phone screen

During my time here at Zynga I have had the opportunity to do a lot of phone screens.  These have ranged from the initial screens for CTO‘s to the final interview pass for a an engineering intern.  During that time I have seen a lot of really interesting behavior by candidates.  Below I want to list out […]

Sample Job Description for a Software Engineer

Even within the same company it is often important to customize exactly how you want your job descriptions to look like.  Below is a sample of a job description post for a software engineer that I have used in the past.  It is provided in a template format so that it can be used in […]

The Poker Interview Question

Over the past several years at Zynga I have been able to do a lot of interviews at Zynga.  These have ranged from CTO’s to SDET Internships.  One of my favorite questions to ask interviewers is affectionately known as “The Poker Problem”. This became my favorite problem because it was how I was interviewed to […]

Prepare meaningful questions to ask during your interview

Over the past several years at Zynga I have had the opportunity to do a lot of interviews.  These have ranged from interviewing CTO‘s to SDET internships.  One thing that has always stood out and bugged me like crazy has been when the interview candidate asks a really stupid (not to mention useless) question during the […]

Zynga.com Platform 1 Month Anniversary – Time capsule

Today is April 5th, which means that it is the 1 month anniversary of us launching the Zynga.com platform product.  The Zynga.com project is one that I have devoted a rather significant amount of my past 2 years to – so today is for sure a good day.  We have enjoyed great early success with […]

Danny’s Day at Zynga

A friend of mine from Zynga, someone that I respect as a great engineer and manager, wrote a fascinating article on his blog about the typical day at Zynga.  It is written as if you were right next to him walking through the halls and watching him over his shoulder.  For sure worth the read! http://www.dannyburbol.com/2012/04/dannys-typical-day-at-zynga/

Disneyland – March 2012

We went to Disneyland a week ago – I wanted to post some of my favorite pictures from the trip.  They can be seen at the picasa album below. http://picasaweb.google.com/benhallbenhall/DisneylandMarch2012