Zynga.com Platform 1 Month Anniversary – Time capsule

Today is April 5th, which means that it is the 1 month anniversary of us launching the Zynga.com platform product.  The Zynga.com project is one that I have devoted a rather significant amount of my past 2 years to – so today is for sure a good day.  We have enjoyed great early success with the site and are receiving tons of excited feature ideas and suggestions.  As we start to iterate and improve the site – I thought it would be fun to do a time capsule capture of what the site looks like after being published for about 1 month.

This is the principle home page of Zynga.com after you login.

Here is the main profile page for a user.  On Zynga.com we call your game connections zFriends.

This is  capture of what CityVille looks like while being played on Zynga.com.

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