Problems sharing links and images with MacJournal and WordPress

So I started testing out a desktop publishing client today and decided to give MacJournal a whirl. A lot of people use it and I have seen good reviews.

Installation was fast and painless. It was really easy to setup my blogs with a Desktop Blog Publishing software. I created my first test blog post and everything seemed to be working great. But then I checked the post on my site… uh oh.

I included an image, a link, some text formatting and more. Unfortunately the opening and closing HTML brackets were getting stripped from my blog post basically preventing all links and images from displaying. This is the HTML greater then and HTML less then symbols that open and close the HTML tags.

I tried various encoding settings to no avail. Finally after searching on several forums and sites I was able to see some discussion around the XML libraries that wordpress uses. In essence there was a translation snafu that was causing the problem.

WordPress has a good solution for us. Download the plugin entitled “libxml2 fix” from their site.

it was fast and painless and fixed the issue. I am now off and away posting content from my desktop publisher.

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