Value of Charts in Presentations

let it never be understated… including graphs in your presentations… is just plain money.

Value of Charts in Presentations

Value of Charts in Presentations


Let’s be honest.  Hosting a presentation can be very difficult.  As the presentator you have to capture and keep the audiences attention if you want your message successfully delivered.

Audience members have so much on their minds.  It si extremely easy for them to get distracted and loose interest in your hard worked presentation.

Visual aids not only help to keep the audiences attention – but it helps to explain and prove your concepts.  Let’s imagine we were in a classroom.  As a student if we do not understand a concept we ask the teacher.  More often then not the teacher goes to great lengths to explain the concept in a different way.  The teacher might use a different example or draw out a diagram or solution on the board.

During your presentation you are the teacher, the audience members are your students.  Providing graphs, visual aids, etc allows them to see your examples and points from a different perspective.  It supports the claims you are making and helps them see the analysis from your perspective.



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