Sample Job Post for an Integration Engineer

A while ago I was looking for an Integration Engineer to join my team.  This person would be responsible for provide coded solutions between Game Teams and Shared Service Teams.  I thought that I would provide an example of what the Job Description post looked like so that others could use it as a template.


Software Integration Engineer – <<COMPANY NAME>>

Are you interested in working on <<COMPANY SPECIALTY>>? Come join <<COMPANY NAME>> in <<POSITION LOCATION>>!

Do you dream of building <<EXPLAIN THE SELLING POINT OF THE TECH YOUR COMPANY BUILDS>>? As a Software Integration Engineer at <<COMPANY>>, you will specialize in integrating teams and products into high availability and high throughput API’s. In addition to revolutionizing existing technology, we use our world-class programming skills to innovate in a number of other areas as well. Our projects include <<CUSTOMIZE AS APPROPRIATE>> working on advanced information-retrieval algorithms, massive scalability and storage solutions, and large-scale applications that enrich the user experience.

We are committed to developing <<PRINCIPAL PRODUCT>>! Come join us … we’re having a ball!


  • Integrate clients and services who wish to utilize our many API’s and services
  • Assist with updating SDK’s, RPM’s and other code locations
  • Iterate upon best of breed mechanics and improve the integration experience
  • Assist partner teams wish to deliver their products via our many API’s and SDK’s
  • Maintain high coding standards across PHP, JS, HTML, and CSS
  • Handle large assignments
  • Working in a quick turnaround environment with Agile development processes

Required Skills:

  • Significant development with either PHP or Javascript
  • Exposure and experience with public API’s
  • Demonstrated ability to architect solutions to problems that scale in production
  • Excellent communication, white boarding and explanation skills
  • Self motivated, independent decision making and ability to prioritize your own workload
  • Computer Science degree or equivalent
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