Zynga Interview Process

During my time here at Zynga I have had the opportunity to do a lot of phone screens for candidates who are looking to join Zynga. For these candidates the Zynga Interview Process can be a little daunting simply because it is an unkown.  I thought that today I would spend a few quick minutes sharing the Zynga Interview Process.

We want to recruit the best talent and we want to show candidates a great experience while at Zynga.  Murphy’s law of course does apply and anything that can go wrong – will go wrong.

Your first connection with Zynga may vary from candidate to candidate.  Maybe you applied to a specific position?  Maybe you know someone who already works here?  Maybe a recruiter sought you out?  At any rate, however you found Zynga you will want to get in touch with the recruiting team.  This a team of individuals who are dedicated to making the on-boarding experience onto Zynga as simplified and painless as possible.  If there are any specific questions or needs you may – these are the guys to help you out.

The Zynga Interview Process typically begins with some sort of Phone Screen.  This is a technical screen that is designed to test basic concepts to ensure you are who you say you are.  Some sample questions might be items such as “What is the difference between POST and GET”, “What is the difference between Private, Public and Protected’, “What does the static keyword do”.  P.S. If you are unable to answer these types of questions almost immediately – then you may want to question your current ability to rock it as a Software Engineer programming online games.

After the phone screen comes the On Site interview (assuming you did well on the phone screen of course).  This OnSite experience is the next phase in the Zynga interview process.  During the visit you may meet with several individuals.  It is not a set amount but generally we try to get about 5 people to attend so that we have several different opinions of your performance.  Each interviewer will be assigned a specific skillset to target.  It is generally pretty easy to tell what kind of skills they are probing by the types of questions they ask.  Maybe someone is asking for how you would architect a particular solution, maybe someone else is asking how you handle a particular tough situation, and so forth.

Depending on how you are doing the Zynga interview process can now have a couple different directions.  If there is a good skill match between your skills and an open position, an offer may be extended.  If there was not a good match – but the interviewers liked you, then some time may be required to find the appropriate position.  Sometimes when this occurs a secondary round of interviews (maybe with only a couple interviewers) may be required.  This is often so that the direct hiring manager can get a chance to meet with you and decide if you are an appropriate fit for his or her team.

Interviews are always filled with tons of unkowns – here is my final advice.  The Zynga interview process is not designed to make you fail.  We work hard to make you look your best and allow our interviewers a chance to really get to know you.  Be yourself.  Be honest (we can spot B.S. – trust me).  Be open with what you want and don’t want out of your career.  If there is not a good match at the time then let’s keep the door open and maybe pursue it again in the future.

Good luck in your job hunting.

P.S. — Please keep in mind that not all interviews are the same, your experience may vary, the interview process may change at any time… blah, blah, blah.  Feel free to leave comments to share how your interview experience at Zynga was.

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