Amazon S3 Error – The specified key does not exist

Have you ever gotten a similar error when trying to retrieve a file from Amazon’s S3 storage?
<Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>
<HostI d>zxC3jbF8sdfoiklasd9f9asdfiasldo8oy8KF8F7f9dj784JuTx7PvdyNv18UcVDoT5inwG8hL</HostId>


Well this error is actually rather straight forward.  it simply means that your file does not exist up within the S3 bucket.  Several things could be wrong:

1. You could be trying to reference the wrong file.  Double check the path that you tried to retrieve.

2. Whenever the file was uploaded it must have failed.  Check the logs for your S3Sync process to see if you can find any relevant output


Note that this error is different then the S3 Access Denied Error which indicates that the file exists – but permissions are incorrect on the file and preventing user access.


Lastly – you may find it useful to use a manual tool such as the S3 Fox plugin for firefox which allows you to browse your S3 storage like you would an FTP server.  You can download and upload files, set file permissions and do all sorts of actions right from this very handy plugin.

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