Great blog resources on Apache ZooKeeper

Over the last while I have written several articles on Apache ZooKeeper.  I want to provide links to them here for easy digestion.

Apache ZooKeeper is an open source project.  it’s main goal is to be a high available system.  It boasts the ability to be used for several purposes:

  • Presence Protocol
  • Server / Config Management
  • Leader Election

Through my use of the system I have run into many ups and downs with it.  Below are some of the lessons I have learned and blog articles I have written while using apache ZooKeeper.

Apache ZooKeeper – Initial Thoughts

What is the zNode data limit size for Apache ZooKeeper?

Rolling Restart in Apache ZooKeeper to dynamically add servers to the Ensemble

Client connection timeout or disconnect errors with Apache ZooKeeper

How do you monitor Apache ZooKeeper Connection counts?

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