Handy yet often forgotten google services

Google has so many incredible services at our disposal… yet because of having so many available… they often get lost or forgotten about.   Regardless of what we do on a day to day basis – I believe there are many practical applications for the list of Google services below.  Give it a read and see if there is a new Google Service that you can take better advantage of to help you in your day to day efforts.

  1. Google Alerts. Sign up to get email notifications any time a topic you designate shows up in Google search results. This is a great way to stay current with a project or news story.
  2. Google Desktop. Keep a clock, weather, news stories, Google search box, and more all within easy reach when you use Google Desktop.
  3. Google SketchUp. If you need to draw 3D figures for class, use Google SketchUp to do so easily and free of charge.
  4. Google Talk. This versatile app is more than just for IMs. You can switch to voice, do a video chat, and send texts, too.
  5. Google Images. Google has an incredible image search feature that will provide you with tons of high-quality images you can use in presentations.
  6. Google Translate. Don’t spend time looking up stuff in books, use Google Translate to get foreign words translated right away.
  7. Google Finance. Business students can keep track of markets, news, portfolios, and more in one place.
  8. Google Toolbar. Have easy access to Gmail, Google search, bookmarks, and more with this toolbar available for Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  9. Picasa. Manage your photos and even incorporate them into your blogs and emails with Google’s streamlines photo manager.
  10. Google Squared. Find facts and organize them with this search feature from Google Labs.
  11. Google Fusion Tables. If you are working with data sets, then you will love this program that will allow you to upload data, create visual representations, and take part in discussions about the data.
  12. Blogger. Create a blog as a part of a project or just to stay in touch with friends and family in an easy way.
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