The best Cocos2d Programming Tutorials

How To Make A Simple iPhone Game with Cocos2D 2.X Tutorial Note from Ray: You guys voted for me to update this classic beginning Cocos2D tutorial series from Cocos2D 1.X to Cocos2D 2.X in the wee … Getting Started: Tutorials for everyone! – cocos2d for iPhon … Below is a list of well […]

The Best Ruby on Rails Tutorial Resources

Learn Web Development with the Ruby on Rails Tutorial Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Rails by Example by Michael Hartl. Book – Learn Web Development with the Ruby on Rails Tutorial Box 1.1.Diffs from the 2nd edition. This is a (nearly) comprehensive list of differences between the 2nd edition of the Ruby on […]

The best ActionScript 3 Programming Tutorials

ActionScript 3 guides, tutorials, samples | Adobe Developer Technology Center /. ActionScript 3 guides, tutorials, samples. ActionScript 3 Tutorials ActionScript 3 Tutorials, Flash CS5, CS5.5 tutorials, Flash CS4 Tutorials, AIR for mobile tutorials, ActionScript 3, AS3 for Android tutorials, Flas … Getting Started with ActionScript 3.0 in Adobe Flash CS3 – S … […]

The best online resources for the Jenkins Build Server

Welcome to Jenkins CI! | Jenkins CI Jenkins is an open-source continuous integration server with 300+ plugins to support all Learn how to build Jenkins or extend Jenkins by writing pl … Jenkins (software) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Every server running an instance of Jenkins offers an overview of the build status […]

How to version your data keys in a NoSQL storage environment

A question came across my plate today that intrigued me and I wanted to share some of the discussion.  The question was “how do you version your keys in a NoSQL data environment”.  An example use case would be when you release a new version of a feature that needs the existing data, but will […]