Build failed with Apple’s Reachability Framework

I just downloaded the Reachability example framework from Apple’s website…. and it failed.  I swear there is nothing more frustrating then downloading a sample from the “maker” and having it fail… Well – let’s dive in and see how to resolve this.

The first error we got seemed to be some sort of linking problem.

SystemConfiguration.framework/SystemConfiguration, missing required architecture i386 in file

Huh?  What the crap is that?

Well it turns out that a required framework that this project needs is not available to us.  In this case is the SystemConfiguration framework.  Add this framework back into your project.  If you need help adding the SystemConfiguration framework back into your project check this example post out.

After I make these kinds of changes I always like to run a “CLEAN” and then a “BUILD”.

Now what – the build failed again… GRRRRRRR.  This time we get a

The document "MainStoryboard.storyboard" could not be opened. Could not read archive.
Please use a newer version of Xcode. Consider changing the document's Development Target to preserve compatibility.







Here is a screenshot of this error message

mainstoryBoard.storyboard error

Seriously?  Ok – whatever that means….

Well – it actually means that the document was created in a development environment that was different from ours.  We can either upgrade or change the target.  For the sake of this post let’s go through changing the target.

Open up the storyboard file in question within the “File Inspector”.  Change the “Document Versioning” setting for “Development” to better match your environment.

Perform a “CLEAN” and a “BUILD”

You should now be up and running.








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