Does HipChat support Group Video Chat

Does Hip Chat Support Group Video Chat?

Well, according to practice and use… it appears that they do not.  Well, at least that they do not currently.

For this article, let’s be honest and frank.  I’m not an employee of Atlassian and have no vested interested in the product.  I am however a user providing useful feedback on our use.  Please do not take what I say as scripture as I cannot speak for Atlassian.

Is Group Video Chat supported in HipChat?

From my research it appears that HipChat came out the door with Group Video Chat supported.  Users who tried their beta version of the product report the same.  However once these beta users upgrade to a 1.x and beyond version, the feature was no longer available.  Look at this comment found on the Atlassian help pages from Arturo Perrotta:


So unfortunately it appears that the Group Video chat feature in hipChat is no longer there.

Is 1:1 Video Chat supported?

Yes.  Currently 1:1 video chat is supported.  As any typical software engineer I use it communicate with a teammate whether they are across the country or simply in the other room.  So far it works as expected.

See this articles for For a quick intro on starting a 1:1 Video Chat in HipChat.

Is Atlassian giving false advertising?

As of this writing I looked on their website for promotional material suggesting that they were supporting Group Video Chat.  I could not find it.

Granted – at the time that HipChat was in it’s beta phase many people report that they were advertising the feature.  Given that the feature was in the beta versions, I would not be surprised if they did advertise it.

To answer the question though – according to their main page, they do not advertise the Group Video Chat feature.  They do have several spots where they use confusing language.  Such as advertising “Group And Video Chat” instead of saying “Group Video Chat”.  Look at the image below.



Meaning that they support both Group Chat and Video Chat, but they are not saying that they support “Group Video Chat”.  They also only have a 1:1 Video chat shown and not a room of people in a Group Video chat.

So in my opinion, I would not hold false advertising against them.  They simply decided to take the product in a different direction.  For many people that direction would cause them to choose a different product for lack of the feature.

Is HipChat going to support Group Video Chat?

Well, truth be told I can’t answer that.  My gut tells me that if they had plans to support it – then they would be vocal about it.  Currently there are some rather heated threads and discussions where people are basically saying that this sole feature was the only reason they were interested in HipChat.  Without it, they have no need for the product.

If this is a feature you are interested in – you can show your interest and support for it.  Go to this thread here and register your support:

You can also leave your frustrations or comments about the lack of Video Chat in HipChat below.  Feel free to share this with friends and colleagues as well.  Maybe if we gather enough heat around the topic they will put more efforts behind supporting the feature.  🙂

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