Script to install Flex 4 SDK on Linux CentOS

Flex 4I have built several Hudson and Jenkins servers in the past and have needed to install the Flex 4 SDK along with them.  These have been on Linux machines running CentOS.  To help in this process I created some handy scripts to download and install these packages.

Flex is often needed on Linux servers when the server hosts some sort of build environment.  In this case we had installations of Hudson or Jenkins running.  These build servers would compile flash objects on our behalf.

At the time of writing this post the Flex 3 SDK has been taken offline.  When it was online it was accessible at this url:

This script to install the Flex 4 SDK is written in bash.  It also does a few file permission changes to it at the end.  Lastly, the installation is done in the /var/lib directory.

# Make an installation directory.
mkdir /var/lib/flex4sdk

# Move into that directory
cd /var/lib/flex4sdk

# Download the Flex 4 SDK

# Unzip the contents
unzip -o

# Change permissions of the installation directory, recursively
chmod -R a+rX /var/lib/flex4sdk

# Add write permissions on the templates directory
chmod a+rwx /var/lib/flex4sdk/asdoc/templates


So – it’s pretty straight forward.  Make the directory, Download the package, unzip it, change permissions.

We often use the Flex SDK in Linux environments on our Build Servers when we need to compile flash objects.


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