House Projects for 2015

Here are some details of projects around the house I want to do during 2015.

Lay Concrete next to Driveway – for a trailer, etc

We want to extend the width of our driveway so as to park a trailer, etc on it.  Some details and considerations are as follows:

  • Approx size would be: 13′ x 20′
  • There is bush to be ripped out and bring the concrete all the way to side yard fence.
  • There is sprinkler piping that we will need to remove and “cap off”
  • There are 2 utility service pieces in the front corner.

P1030517 P1030516 P1030518


Extend Concrete Patio – Backyard

We want to pull up a few small bushes and a bit of grass so that we can extend the concrete patio in our backyard. Some details and considerations are as follows:

  • Approx size of the slab to be laid would be around 18′ x 10′
  • There are a few bushes to be removed, a few decorative stones, etc
  • The concrete would be flush against the house with appropriate concrete spacing material
  • The grass would be ripped up, sprinkler piping removed and “capped off”.  Half of the grass area would be concrete – half we will cover with bark.
  • Will need to discuss leveling options so that water rolls off the side and not towards house.

P1030513 P1030512



Tiling of our Guest Bathroom

Currently we have a carpet / linoleum mix in our Guest bathroom.  We would like to replace it with Tile.  Some thoughts and details.

  • Approx size is: 9′ x 4′
  • Will need to cut the carpet at the door (as the carpet continues to the hallway) and add appropriate end pieces to keep the carpet tight.
  • Will need heavy duty caulking of the tub area once tile is laid.
  • Unsure if it will need a leveling agent or not.
  • Base boards to be put back (or re-made if needed)



Tiling of our Laundry Room

We want to pull up our linoleum and lay down some tile.  Some details:

  • Size is approx 12′ x 4′
  • Unsure if it will need a leveling agent or not
  • The wall baseboards will need to be put back on (or replaced if needed)






Fencing Work

The fencing on our house is getting old and starting to show serious wear and tear.  I have been able to put in some extra supports – but it may be time to just rip down parts of the fence and replace it.

If we rip out the entire fence is would be potentially ~70 feet long.



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