Homemade Patio Table with Stone Top

Getting ready for summer, I just finished building a custom patio table.  Our neighborhood suffers from really bad wind so I wanted to build a strong sturdy table that seat 6-8 naturally and can even squish in 10 – 12 as needed (hence the wider approach on the table.

Here is the table frame being built up.  Since it needed to support the weight of proper stones, I needed to make sure that the underlying frame was solid and not just a piece of plywood that would bow and sag over time.


I bolted lag bolts from the frame into the footings.  then the frame is comprised of strong ties to hold them together – mainly because that was easier to build the frame.


Here is the plywood topper.


Next I added in some additional wood along the edges of the table as a border.  With those in place I added in the tiling backer board and secured it to the plywood underneath.  With the edges and backer board in place I began playing around with tiling arrangements.


Before I laid the tile I did some staining and sanding.  It tool a while to bring all of the edges from the various layers in line with each other.


Here we have the tiling mortar being applied to the backer board.


With the mortar in place, the tile was laid.  A small amount of grout was applied and a sealing layer added to the stone.

Viola the finished product:


Sure was fun to build…

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