Hetch Hetchy High Adventure Hike 2016

This year we hiked past the north side of the Hetch Hetchy reservoir with stops at Laurel Lake, Lake Vernon and Rancheria Falls.  The hike in total was approx 29 miles.  On the hike with us we had George Estes, Thomas Anderson, Carter Curren and Hunter Bennion with brothers Ricks, Anderson, Curren and Hall as […]

Share Goodness

This page is a reference page of links and materials used in the Aug 31st, 5th Sunday Church Lesson show cases the Good and Bad uses of Social Media. NOTICE:  These presentations and materials are prepared to supplement the discussions during the religious focused lessons and may not make sense if taken out of context. […]

Priests / Laurels Christmas Caroling

Last week we went Christmas Caroling with the Young Men and Young Women.  We went to the Paradise Valley Community Center, a few Outpatient Care Centers in Fairfield as well as a few nearby ward members.       

Cordelia Ward Young Men Slideshow

A video slideshow for the Cordelia 2nd Ward Young Women in Excellence night.  The slideshow shows some of the Young Men activities for the Cordelia 2nd Ward (and some from the original Cordelia ward).

Cordelia 2nd Ward Youth Roadshow

Below are the videos I took for the YM/YW Roadshow.  The first video is a clip of highlights while the last three are the raw recordings from each performance.  The Links to the full video for download are underneath.  Enjoy! Highlights Video http://benhallbenhall.com/content/Roadshow2013.m4v   Performance 1: Stake Center http://benhallbenhall.com/content/RoadshowPerformance1_m.m4v   Performance 2: Travis Building http://benhallbenhall.com/content/RoadshowPerformance2-m.m4v […]