Engineering Open Source Tools and Code at Toptal

I stumbled upon Toptal the other day and wanted to share a valuable resource I discovered.  Toptal is a site that helps companies hire and manage freelanced engineers.  The site was very slick and well organized.  Almost made me wish I needed to hire some engineers so I could get the experience of working with them.  However […]

Creating an SSH Config file for server shortcuts

If you SSH into a lot of different servers, you may want to create an SSH Config file so that you can use shortcuts to do the commands.  This post will go over the basic steps of creating an SSH Config File. Without this file if you wanted to SSH to a server, you needed […]

Homemade Patio Table with Stone Top

Getting ready for summer, I just finished building a custom patio table.  Our neighborhood suffers from really bad wind so I wanted to build a strong sturdy table that seat 6-8 naturally and can even squish in 10 – 12 as needed (hence the wider approach on the table. Here is the table frame being built […]

WordPress and jQuery – Get by Element ID not working

I racked my brain on this one for a bit the other day.  So I figured I would make a post on it to hopefully help some others. During my development of a WordPress plugin I was having trouble with WordPress and jQuery working together.  In particular, having jQuery interact with a Form element inside of […]

PHP Script to validate a phone number

This is a fast and simple script to validate a phone number. The purpose of this script is to keep things simple.  The scripts cleans input whether it is passed as a numeric value or as a string.  It then validates it’s count of numbers found present in the value, then returns only the numbers […]

House Projects for 2015

Here are some details of projects around the house I want to do during 2015. Lay Concrete next to Driveway – for a trailer, etc We want to extend the width of our driveway so as to park a trailer, etc on it.  Some details and considerations are as follows: Approx size would be: 13′ x […]

A teenagers view on Social Media

I came across a great article today. A 19 year-old expressed his personal thoughts and views on Social Media and what his demographic considers of each medium.  A very fascinating look at how some of the social media outlets today are used by that aged demographic. I particularly enjoyed the analysis on going to […]

PHP Script to validate an Email Address

I do a lot of programming that requires validation of user data – including a users email address. When I am collecting this data via a Web Form, I like to use the JQuery Validate plugin to give immediate feedback to my user when they have not entered an e-mail address properly. In addition, I like […]

PHP Array to Object and Object to Array

In your php applications you may find many circumstances where it is needed to convert an object into an array and an array into an object. One common example of this usage is in Server <-> Client communications.  The server may want to store items in an array for sorting and iteration.  By contrast, the […]