Mexico Reunion Photos

I just posted my photos online in Picasa.  View them here:

Shutter Speed

The shutter speed is the amount of time that the aperture will allow light to pass through the camera and burn the image.  This value is represented in relation to one second and can range from values of 1/4000 of a second (or faster) to 30 seconds (or slower). When a very fast shutter speed […]

3 Adjectives to describe deploying applications in the cloud

How would you describe what it is like to develop and deploy applications in the public Cloud? FAST, BREAKABLE and FLEXIBLE. These are all three very different ways to describe what it is like to program and deploy applications in the Public Cloud infrastructure.  However each adjective was chosen for a very specific reason. FAST […]

The importance of tools

What is the greatest tool you have ever used in your software development?  If I was asked that question my response would be that it varies from project to project.  In some cases it may have been an analytical tool to give insights into code performance and user activity.  In other cases it may have […]

Finding the hostname for a broken Amazon AWS instance

There have been times while working with hosts in Amazon AWS EC2 that an admin needs to grab the hostname – but for whatever reason all of the normal methods are inaccessible to them.  Maybe the host was lost, maybe it is broken, etc… Open the install log, generally found at “/var/log/install” Search for “Hostname” […]

The greatest engineering attribute

What is one of the greatest attributes / strengths that an engineer can posses?  Take a moment and think about what it is… It’s not a specific programming language.  Languages come and go (cobalt anyone?) and each language is generally used for a specific set of purposes. It’s not experience.  Successful engineers have learned time […]

NewRelic Performance Monitoring – Review and Feedback

One of my web applications recently began using the NewRelic service.  I wanted to provide a post on my opinions and experience from using it. Fast, Insightful and Expensive. FAST I was literally amazed at how fast I had this service up and running.  Literally from the time I started to the time I had […]

User Authentication within Hudson / Jenkins

I ran into an issue the other day trying to get hudson (jenkins) to authenticate off of the locally installed linux table.  The options for authentication are generally things like: Hudson’s own user table.  Fast and easy – but a pain to add new users, forcing them to register, etc… LDAP Authentication.  Great if access […]