What is the zNode data limit size for Apache ZooKeeper?

1GB? 10MB? 1KB? zNode Limit = 1MB. This is the default size of a single zNode or key/value pair within ZooKeeper.  It should be noted that both the Key and the Value are combined into this equation.  ZooKeeper is designed as a high read, high throughput system for small keys.  It is not designed as […]

Hudson job running on Slave continually fails

I ran into an issue where we had all jobs in particular failing on a certain slave.  Let’s just assume a simple Hudson master/slave environment of 1 Hudson Master and 2 Hudson slaves Slave A and Slave B. The boxes are the exact same hardware specs.  Same configuration, etc.  Jobs are created on the master […]

AccessDenied error on an asset in Amazon S3 Storage

Have you ever seen this error while interacting with your assests through the Amazon S3 storage? <Error> <Code>AccessDenied</Code> <Message>AccessDenied</Message> <RequestId>B9EE5C8B93FF7210</RequestId> <HostId>DqW6EksDls0seRl+TscPrIMd8MtX14GVYwk3Sb5erKN+nyc5UXV5lAEYBZWFkjL7</HostId> </Error> Well – I sure have… a lot… This error can mean a few things… but more then likely it is one of two most probably causes. The file does not exist The file […]

How do you monitor Apache ZooKeeper Connection counts?

What is the best way to monitor the number of connections a ZooKeeper server is servicing? Well – I think the correct answer to that depends on what type of brain you are.  For example if you are a programmer – you will probably be more interested in the number of watches or subscriptions on […]

Quick PHP Page Cache Script

This is a free script written in PHP to create a local Page Cache system for your web application. There may be times that you have a wide collection of objects that need to be accessed several times throughout your page load – in essence they need to be cached.  For complexity reasons these are […]

ZooKeeper – Initial Thoughts

Recently I have been doing a lot of work with ZooKeeper. so I wanted to take a chance to express some opinions on using. ZooKeeper is an open source config management server.  It boasts the ability to be used for several purposes: Presence Protocol Server / Config Management Leader Election My initial reactions tell me […]

Using S3Fox to manage your files in Amazon’s S3 storage

If you work within Amazon’s S3 bucket storage then you probably already know about S3Fox.  If you don’t know about it – then this is a tool you will want to get. S3Fox in it’s simplest form acts just like an FTP client.  Plain and simple.  What it allows you to do is get, put […]

Simple EMail PHP Script

Below is a free script to allow you to send a simple e-mail. Sending e-mail can seem like such a trivial task that I almost debated not putting up this page – but then I figured that there are often times when we write a very sloppy and dirty script since the built in PHP […]

Apache SOLR – background_merge_hit_exception

background_merge_hit_exception I got this error the other day while administering a SOLR instance. background_merge_hit_exception_39m3C845845739m4C20_into39m5_optimize_mergeDocStores_javaioIOException_backg On the particular server I was working on I received it while trying to do an optimize command.  I also saw the following effects: Optimization commands would fail Commit commands would succeed Search commands would succeed – but the unoptimized / […]

How to run puppet on a single server

How can I run puppet once on a machine? Log into the server you want to run puppet on.  Run the following command to invoke the puppet catalog run. /usr/sbin/puppetd –onetime –no-daemonize –logdest syslog > /dev/null 2>&1   “/usr/sbin/puppetd” runs the puppet process “–onetime” ensures that it only runs once “–no-daemonize” ensures that it runs […]