Simple EMail PHP Script

Below is a free script to allow you to send a simple e-mail. Sending e-mail can seem like such a trivial task that I almost debated not putting up this page – but then I figured that there are often times when we write a very sloppy and dirty script since the built in PHP […]

Apache SOLR – background_merge_hit_exception

background_merge_hit_exception I got this error the other day while administering a SOLR instance. background_merge_hit_exception_39m3C845845739m4C20_into39m5_optimize_mergeDocStores_javaioIOException_backg On the particular server I was working on I received it while trying to do an optimize command.  I also saw the following effects: Optimization commands would fail Commit commands would succeed Search commands would succeed – but the unoptimized / […]

How to run puppet on a single server

How can I run puppet once on a machine? Log into the server you want to run puppet on.  Run the following command to invoke the puppet catalog run. /usr/sbin/puppetd –onetime –no-daemonize –logdest syslog > /dev/null 2>&1   “/usr/sbin/puppetd” runs the puppet process “–onetime” ensures that it only runs once “–no-daemonize” ensures that it runs […]