Share Goodness

This page is a reference page of links and materials used in the Aug 31st, 5th Sunday Church Lesson show cases the Good and Bad uses of Social Media. NOTICE:  These presentations and materials are prepared to supplement the discussions during the religious focused lessons and may not make sense if taken out of context. […]

Error at offset 49151 bytes while using serialize unserialize in php

A tool I built recently started running into an issue while utilizing PHP’s serialization functions.  In a nutshell, the tool would take a blob of data, serialize it and store it into a single column in the database.  when the data was needed it would retrieve the data, unserialize it and present it to the […]

How to get rid of the “Other” space on my iPad

This issue really bugged the crap out of me – so I wanted to share my results in hopes that it can help others in the future. When an iPhone, iPad, etc… is connected to your computer and loaded up through iTunes you can see how much space is used by Movies, Music, Apps, etc. […]

php strpos function returning false positives

I came across an issue with the php STRPOS() function today that I just had to share.  Well – ok, the function acted as designed, although it’s default behavior is not what I would have intuitively guessed.  Oh the excitements of a programmer 🙂 The issue was that I had a code routine using STRPOS() that […]

PHP Short Code – How to Change to PHP Long Code Syntax

The other day I ran into an interesting problem.  I had to convert an entire code base from using PHP Short Tag syntax, to using their Full Tag syntax.  This post is created to share how I did it in case others need to do the same. What are PHP Short Tags a.k.a short_open_tag? PHP […]


Priests / Laurels Christmas Caroling

Last week we went Christmas Caroling with the Young Men and Young Women.  We went to the Paradise Valley Community Center, a few Outpatient Care Centers in Fairfield as well as a few nearby ward members.        Link to this post!

Locale Codes as Text, PHP Array and JSON Array

Often during my random programming projects I find that I need a list of locales in one format or another… to that extent I decided to create this post which has the list of locales formatted in various ways.  First as a plain text list so that you can put it into a text file […]