Cordelia Ward Young Men Slideshow

A video slideshow for the Cordelia 2nd Ward Young Women in Excellence night.  The slideshow shows some of the Young Men activities for the Cordelia 2nd Ward (and some from the original Cordelia ward). Link to this post!

The Core Gaming Loop in Mobile and Social Games

What is the Core Gaming Loop within a Mobile or a Social game?  The Core Gaming Loop is what models the full play session from the mechanics point of view.  Meaning, the Core Gaming Loop comprises the core mechanics of the game that a player attempts to accomplish during their play session.  The method in […]


I came across this today and just had to share it.  Credit for the original post was found on this link: Link to this post!

A Game Developers Review of Plants vs Zombies 2

I am a game develper for both mobile and web based games, and I have been playing Plants vs Zombies 2 a lot lately.  A Full Game Reviews is not a normal topic for me to cover – but I thought it would be fun to post some initial thoughts and opinions on the game […]

Top 10 Best Articles on Net Promoter Score NPS

1. What is NPS and why should you care about it? NPS stands for Net Promoter Score.  It is a customer loyalty metric developed by Fred Reincheld, Bain and Company along with Satmetrix.  It was published in the 2003 Harvard Business Review entitled “One Number You Need to Grow.” 2. How to analyze NPS scores and prioritize […]

Collection of Mountain Bike Crash Photos

I came across this the other day and being an avid mountain biker I just had to make a post on it… A collection of random Mountain Bike Crashes… ouch! [fivevote slug=”mountain-bike-crashes” title=”Mountain Bike Crashes” hide_sharing=”false” hide_link=”false” max_display_count=””] Link to this post!

Best PHP Tutorial Resources

PHP 5 Tutorial – W3Schools Provides basic to advanced PHP functions. Users can also learn how to integrate PHP with other languages such as MYSQL, AJAX, and XML. PHP: A simple tutorial – Manual Here we would like to show the very basics of PHP in a short, simple tutorial. This text only […]

Facebook Error Unsupported get request

“Unsupported get request” I recently started investing a particular Facebook Error: “Unsupported get request”.  I wanted to post my findings on the error as most of my Google searches actually pointed to a root cause that did not apply to my case. Most of the google searches for Facebook Error Unsupported get request pointed to […]