PHP Short Code – How to Change to PHP Long Code Syntax

The other day I ran into an interesting problem.  I had to convert an entire code base from using PHP Short Tag syntax, to using their Full Tag syntax.  This post is created to share how I did it in case others need to do the same. What are PHP Short Tags a.k.a short_open_tag? PHP […]

Priests / Laurels Christmas Caroling

Last week we went Christmas Caroling with the Young Men and Young Women.  We went to the Paradise Valley Community Center, a few Outpatient Care Centers in Fairfield as well as a few nearby ward members.       

List of Locale Codes

Locale Codes as Text, PHP Array and JSON Array

Often during my random programming projects I find that I need a list of locales in one format or another… to that extent I decided to create this post which has the list of locales formatted in various ways.  First as a plain text list so that you can put it into a text file […]

Cordelia Ward Young Men Slideshow

A video slideshow for the Cordelia 2nd Ward Young Women in Excellence night.  The slideshow shows some of the Young Men activities for the Cordelia 2nd Ward (and some from the original Cordelia ward).

The Core Gaming Loop

The Core Gaming Loop in Mobile and Social Games

What is the Core Gaming Loop within a Mobile or a Social game?  The Core Gaming Loop is what models the full play session from the mechanics point of view.  Meaning, the Core Gaming Loop comprises the core mechanics of the game that a player attempts to accomplish during their play session.  The method in […]


I came across this today and just had to share it.  Credit for the original post was found on this link:

Plants vs Zombies 2

A Game Developers Review of Plants vs Zombies 2

I am a game develper for both mobile and web based games, and I have been playing Plants vs Zombies 2 a lot lately.  A Full Game Reviews is not a normal topic for me to cover – but I thought it would be fun to post some initial thoughts and opinions on the game […]