Skype for Mac Crashing on Startup

I use Skype every day for work.  It is a critical application for me.  I am also a software engineer and understand how to read crash reports and tail log files, etc.  So when Skype for Mac started crashing on me – it seriously impacted my work life. This post will help share how I […]

WordPress and jQuery – Get by Element ID not working

I racked my brain on this one for a bit the other day.  So I figured I would make a post on it to hopefully help some others. During my development of a WordPress plugin I was having trouble with WordPress and jQuery working together.  In particular, having jQuery interact with a Form element inside of […]

strpos false positives

php strpos function returning false positives

I came across an issue with the php STRPOS() function today that I just had to share.  Well – ok, the function acted as designed, although it’s default behavior is not what I would have intuitively guessed.  Oh the excitements of a programmer 🙂 The issue was that I had a code routine using STRPOS() that […]

Facebook Error Unsupported get request

“Unsupported get request” I recently started investing a particular Facebook Error: “Unsupported get request”.  I wanted to post my findings on the error as most of my Google searches actually pointed to a root cause that did not apply to my case. Most of the google searches for Facebook Error Unsupported get request pointed to […]

Build failed with Apple’s Reachability Framework

I just downloaded the Reachability example framework from Apple’s website…. and it failed.  I swear there is nothing more frustrating then downloading a sample from the “maker” and having it fail… Well – let’s dive in and see how to resolve this. The first error we got seemed to be some sort of linking problem. […]

iOS crash “failed to resume in time”

We received a crash report that shows the following error message for an iOS app. Application Specific Information: com.#####.##### failed to resume in time The key in the crash report is the “failed to resume in time” message that is being displayed.  This error basically states that some process is being performed that is taking […]

Undefined symbols for architecture i386

In this post I want to go over how to resolve problems with iOS build failures spitting out: “undefined symbols for architecture i386” Personally I like to teach how to fish, rather then give you a single fish… so let’s look at what this error is saying. “Undefined Symbols” generally means that items are not […]

8 Tips to help clean up your Bug Backlog

I thought that I would spend some time today discussing a task that I had to embark upon a little while ago with my group of engineers.  Cleaning up the infamous Bug Backlog. We had just recently shipped a new product.  Bug reports were coming at us from every direction.  We even had an outlet […]