Creating an SSH Config file for server shortcuts

If you SSH into a lot of different servers, you may want to create an SSH Config file so that you can use shortcuts to do the commands.  This post will go over the basic steps of creating an SSH Config File. Without this file if you wanted to SSH to a server, you needed […]

Facebook Error Unsupported get request

“Unsupported get request” I recently started investing a particular Facebook Error: “Unsupported get request”.  I wanted to post my findings on the error as most of my Google searches actually pointed to a root cause that did not apply to my case. Most of the google searches for Facebook Error Unsupported get request pointed to […]

Amazon S3 Error – The specified key does not exist

Have you ever gotten a similar error when trying to retrieve a file from Amazon’s S3 storage? <Error> <Code>NoSuchKey</Code> <Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message> <Key>path/to/some/file</Key> <RequestId>hdhjdkksd8876ahks</RequestId> <HostI d>zxC3jbF8sdfoiklasd9f9asdfiasldo8oy8KF8F7f9dj784JuTx7PvdyNv18UcVDoT5inwG8hL</HostId> </Error>   Well this error is actually rather straight forward.  it simply means that your file does not exist up within the S3 bucket.  Several things […]

Finding the hostname for a broken Amazon AWS instance

There have been times while working with hosts in Amazon AWS EC2 that an admin needs to grab the hostname – but for whatever reason all of the normal methods are inaccessible to them.  Maybe the host was lost, maybe it is broken, etc… Open the install log, generally found at “/var/log/install” Search for “Hostname” […]

Client connection timeout or disconnect errors with Apache ZooKeeper

Several users of ZooKeeper have reported problems relating to disconnects and expired sessions from the client. For most users they are using standard settings out of the box for ZooKeeper with their tickTime=2000 and timeout set to 8000ms. Some users have reported this to be caused by something known as being oversubscribed on the service. […]