Reverting a deleted file from SVN

How do I revert back a deleted file from my SVN repository? Use the following command to retrieve the lost file: svn copy https://host/repo/file.txt@4728 ./ Now that file is sitting in your local directory.  Now you just need to simply commit it. svn commit –message ‘Restoring file.txt from revision 4728.’ ./

Using Hudson to run 50 simultaneous build jobs

The other day I was watching our Master Build server, running Hudson, send off about 50 different jobs to the 10 Hudson slaves we have.  I just sat there and thought… “Wow that looks cool!” When I first implemented the solution I admit that I was a little wary of how it would operate.  After […]

How to run puppet on a single server

How can I run puppet once on a machine? Log into the server you want to run puppet on.  Run the following command to invoke the puppet catalog run. /usr/sbin/puppetd –onetime –no-daemonize –logdest syslog > /dev/null 2>&1   “/usr/sbin/puppetd” runs the puppet process “–onetime” ensures that it only runs once “–no-daemonize” ensures that it runs […]