Top 5 HipChat Frustrations for Engineers

Our team recently moved over to Atlassian HipChat.  I felt it appropriate to register a few frustrations with using the product so that others who are evaluating it can have the full picture. Now – before I begin – I must preface this by saying that HipChat has many great features.  I think the main […]


Does HipChat support Group Video Chat

Does Hip Chat Support Group Video Chat? Well, according to practice and use… it appears that they do not.  Well, at least that they do not currently. For this article, let’s be honest and frank.  I’m not an employee of Atlassian and have no vested interested in the product.  I am however a user providing useful […]


How to start a 1:1 Video Chat using HipChat

If you are using HipChat a feature I am sure you will need is the ability to start Video chats.  This post is to show how to start a 1:1 Video Chat using Hip Chat. My demonstration is using the Mac Desktop client of the HipChat application. First is to select the person you want […]