Flex 4

Script to install Flex 4 SDK on Linux CentOS

I have built several Hudson and Jenkins servers in the past and have needed to install the Flex 4 SDK along with them.  These have been on Linux machines running CentOS.  To help in this process I created some handy scripts to download and install these packages. Flex is often needed on Linux servers when […]

How to Archive an Artifact in Hudson

Posting Build Artifacts through Hudson can be a very useful tool.  I have worked on projects in the past where we posted test results, RPM files for clients to download and even text files that simply hold a revision number. Archiving an Artifact via Hudson It’s simple. 1. Go into your Hudson build and select […]

Using Hudson to run 50 simultaneous build jobs

The other day I was watching our Master Build server, running Hudson, send off about 50 different jobs to the 10 Hudson slaves we have.  I just sat there and thought… “Wow that looks cool!” When I first implemented the solution I admit that I was a little wary of how it would operate.  After […]

Hudson job running on Slave continually fails

I ran into an issue where we had all jobs in particular failing on a certain slave.  Let’s just assume a simple Hudson master/slave environment of 1 Hudson Master and 2 Hudson slaves Slave A and Slave B. The boxes are the exact same hardware specs.  Same configuration, etc.  Jobs are created on the master […]