The Top 7 interview Questions for an Engineering Manager

I came across this site that lists out a top 10 style list… then let’s users vote on the answers they like the most.  The site is called  I thought it would be appropriate here to include their Top7 list on Interview Questions for an Engineering Manager.   [top7 slug=”interview-questions-for-an-engineering-manager” title=”The Top 7 interview […]

What do I wear to a Tech Startup Interview

What on earth should you wear to an interview at a Technology Startup Firm? Honestly – whatever the crap you feel like wearing – although hopefully a little more then your P.J.s or your bathing suit. Actually – I am totally kidding… What you wear to a technology based startup interview does matter – and […]

10 Resources for preparing for a Software Engineering Interview at Zynga

Over the past 4.5 years at Zynga I have been able to help out on a lot of Software Engineer interviews.  Sometimes I meet candidates that are scared, some overly confident, some prepared and ready to shine.  I have enjoyed being able to blog about the interview process at Zynga as well as provide a glimpse into […]

Zynga Interview Process

During my time here at Zynga I have had the opportunity to do a lot of phone screens for candidates who are looking to join Zynga. For these candidates the Zynga Interview Process can be a little daunting simply because it is an unkown.  I thought that today I would spend a few quick minutes […]

4 Years Later – My Interview Experience at Zynga

October 2012 marks my 4 year mark at Zynga.  I figured it would be appropriate to reminisce on a few Zynga memories. Common legalese here – these are my personal experiences, viewpoints, etc and not those of the company, your results may vary, don’t try this at home, etc, etc…  🙂 In the summer of […]

Sample Software Engineer Interview Questions at Zynga

Before you read too far into this post, I think it is important to call out what this post is and what this post isn’t.  This post is not intended to be a cheat sheet for nailing a Zynga interview.  Rather I wanted to share a couple sample questions I have heard people use and […]

5 Tips to prepare for a Software Engineer Interview at Zynga

Let’s be honest – interviewing for a job is a daunting task.  Over the 3.5 years I have spent at Zynga I have done a lot of interviews from entry level engineers to CTO’s.  I thought that it would be beneficial in today’s post to share 5 pieces of advice in preparing for a software […]

5 Things not to do during an interview phone screen

During my time here at Zynga I have had the opportunity to do a lot of phone screens.  These have ranged from the initial screens for CTO‘s to the final interview pass for a an engineering intern.  During that time I have seen a lot of really interesting behavior by candidates.  Below I want to list out […]

The Poker Interview Question

Over the past several years at Zynga I have been able to do a lot of interviews at Zynga.  These have ranged from CTO’s to SDET Internships.  One of my favorite questions to ask interviewers is affectionately known as “The Poker Problem”. This became my favorite problem because it was how I was interviewed to […]

Prepare meaningful questions to ask during your interview

Over the past several years at Zynga I have had the opportunity to do a lot of interviews.  These have ranged from interviewing CTO‘s to SDET internships.  One thing that has always stood out and bugged me like crazy has been when the interview candidate asks a really stupid (not to mention useless) question during the […]