My iPad has iOS 5.1.1 and won’t recognize any upgrades

I ran into something rather frustrating today.  I’m an iOS developer and have a couple different iPads, iPhones, etc.  The iPad that my daughter uses (she’s 2 btw) is an old one that we install puzzle games on and so forth.  It currently has iOS 5.1.1 installed on it. Several of these kids games now […]

Build failed with Apple’s Reachability Framework

I just downloaded the Reachability example framework from Apple’s website…. and it failed.  I swear there is nothing more frustrating then downloading a sample from the “maker” and having it fail… Well – let’s dive in and see how to resolve this. The first error we got seemed to be some sort of linking problem. […]

Undefined symbols for architecture i386

In this post I want to go over how to resolve problems with iOS build failures spitting out: “undefined symbols for architecture i386” Personally I like to teach how to fish, rather then give you a single fish… so let’s look at what this error is saying. “Undefined Symbols” generally means that items are not […]

How do you check a string for white spaces in iOS?

How do you check a string for white spaces in iOS.  This issue recently crossed my plate.  In some programming languages you can check for white spaces using some sort of trim or similar function.  What if however you want to check the internals of a string for whitespaces, such as to ensure that there […]