Sample Job Description for a Software Engineer

Even within the same company it is often important to customize exactly how you want your job descriptions to look like.  Below is a sample of a job description post for a software engineer that I have used in the past.  It is provided in a template format so that it can be used in […]

MAMP and WAMP – they just rock!

Every now and then I come across an Open Source project that just really “Wows” me.  The MAMP and WAMP projects are one of those.  As a developer, both professionally and on my own personal side projects, the MAMP and WAMP open source projects have been a huge help. Some Acrophobia: LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL […]

3 Adjectives to describe deploying applications in the cloud

How would you describe what it is like to develop and deploy applications in the public Cloud? FAST, BREAKABLE and FLEXIBLE. These are all three very different ways to describe what it is like to program and deploy applications in the Public Cloud infrastructure.  However each adjective was chosen for a very specific reason. FAST […]