Ideas are a dime a dozen – Execution is what matters

Take a second and think about a past idea you have had to make something better.  This could have been fixing a process at work, launching a new business, creating a new product, etc.  Chances are that there are several of these that you can think of.  Now ask yourself why these ideas never came […]

The importance of tools

What is the greatest tool you have ever used in your software development?  If I was asked that question my response would be that it varies from project to project.  In some cases it may have been an analytical tool to give insights into code performance and user activity.  In other cases it may have […]

The greatest engineering attribute

What is one of the greatest attributes / strengths that an engineer can posses?  Take a moment and think about what it is… It’s not a specific programming language.  Languages come and go (cobalt anyone?) and each language is generally used for a specific set of purposes. It’s not experience.  Successful engineers have learned time […]

Make the SUM better then the PARTS

As a manager of an engineering team it can often be very difficult to know exactly what you should be focusing on.  This lack of clarity can often be your team’s undoing.  For this reason there is a simple mandate that I have found extremely helpful.  Make the sum better then the parts. What exactly […]

Celebrate Success

It might seem like a trivial thing – but success needs to be celebrated.  Find achievements to celebrate within your team. I have never met a person who does not want to succeed in their life.  Success is also contagious and provides a valuable fuel to get projects and other great works accomplished. This could […]

Research -> Connect -> Develop

Entrepreneurs know the importance of researching their target market and developing a solution that fits those needs.  There is a step however in between research and develop that is often over looked.  That is the idea of connecting with others after researching and before developing. SC Johnson and company has a terrific example that demonstrates […]