Great blog resources on Apache ZooKeeper

Over the last while I have written several articles on Apache ZooKeeper.  I want to provide links to them here for easy digestion. Apache ZooKeeper is an open source project.  it’s main goal is to be a high available system.  It boasts the ability to be used for several purposes: Presence Protocol Server / Config […]

MAMP and WAMP – they just rock!

Every now and then I come across an Open Source project that just really “Wows” me.  The MAMP and WAMP projects are one of those.  As a developer, both professionally and on my own personal side projects, the MAMP and WAMP open source projects have been a huge help. Some Acrophobia: LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL […]

User Performance Monitoring using Watir

A colleague of mine, Kyle Sun, spent some time implementing a Watir and web-driver based performance monitoring system.  In this post I thought I would share some of the generic results on Waitr. The Problem The problem we were trying to solve was that we needed to monitor load performance of actions on our site. […]

Rolling Restart in Apache ZooKeeper to dynamically add servers to the Ensemble

As of the writing of this post there is currently no way in Apache ZooKeeper to dynamically add a master ZooKeeper server to the ZooKeeper Ensemble.  That is until is resolved. As a work around there is a process known as the ZooKeeper ensemble rolling restart to get around this issue. When you specify […]

Nagios – Opinions and Feedback

I have been using Nagios for several years ( – and realized the other day that I have never written my formal opinions on the system. In a nutshell – I love Nagios.  It works fantastically.  At the same time – I am incredibly surprised that there is not mor business insights, reporting or analysis […]