Example Clean Trunk Branching Strategy

I was cleaning up the files on my laptop the other day and came across a document I used a few years ago to explain our Code Repository Branching strategy.  I figured I would share it in a post. The scenario was a group of 4 different development pods of about 5-6 developers in each. […]

Joel Spolsky – On “Getting out of the way” style of Management

I was sent a great article today written by Joel Spolsky.  http://www.avc.com/a_vc/2012/02/the-management-team-guest-post-from-joel-spolsky.html In short he summaries Top Down Management.  One where the CEO makes all of the decisions and hands it down to the team.  Joel argues that this approach no longer works and we need to flip the pyramid.  The developers, product managers and sales […]