One of my favorite tools has to be Evernote. http://www.evernote.com/ It is such a simple and straight forward program… it takes notes… so what exactly makes this tool so wonderful?  Well – the way I see it is the collaboration.  Basically your notes are stored online on their servers. This allows you to login from […]

Quick PHP Page Cache Script

This is a free script written in PHP to create a local Page Cache system for your web application. There may be times that you have a wide collection of objects that need to be accessed several times throughout your page load – in essence they need to be cached.  For complexity reasons these are […]

Simple EMail PHP Script

Below is a free script to allow you to send a simple e-mail. Sending e-mail can seem like such a trivial task that I almost debated not putting up this page – but then I figured that there are often times when we write a very sloppy and dirty script since the built in PHP […]