How do you Install PDSH?

How do you install PDSH? Parallel Distributed Shell (PDSH) allows the execution of the same command in parallel on multiple machines. ¬†This post will quickly describe how to install PDSH. If you need to, you can download the source packages of the latest PDSH release from¬† Install PDSH using the following command: rpm -ivh pdsh-RELEASE.src.rpm […]

Installing a PHP Pear Module

How do you install a PHP Pear Module? pear install <module-name> So – if you wanted to instal the Pear Pager module use: pear install Pager If the install was successful you shoudl see something to the extent of: downloading Pager-2.4.8.tgz … Starting to download Pager-2.4.8.tgz (36,122 bytes) ……….done: 36,122 bytes install ok: channel:// Note […]