How do you Install PDSH?

How do you install PDSH? Parallel Distributed Shell (PDSH) allows the execution of the same command in parallel on multiple machines.  This post will quickly describe how to install PDSH. If you need to, you can download the source packages of the latest PDSH release from Install PDSH using the following command: rpm -ivh pdsh-RELEASE.src.rpm […]

Installing a PHP Pear Module

How do you install a PHP Pear Module? pear install <module-name> So – if you wanted to instal the Pear Pager module use: pear install Pager If the install was successful you shoudl see something to the extent of: downloading Pager-2.4.8.tgz … Starting to download Pager-2.4.8.tgz (36,122 bytes) ……….done: 36,122 bytes install ok: channel:// Note […]