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What do I wear to a Tech Startup Interview

What on earth should you wear to an interview at a Technology Startup Firm? Honestly – whatever the crap you feel like wearing – although hopefully a little more then your P.J.s or your bathing suit. Actually – I am totally kidding… What you wear to a technology based startup interview does matter – and […]

10 Resources for preparing for a Software Engineering Interview at Zynga

Over the past 4.5 years at Zynga I have been able to help out on a lot of Software Engineer interviews.  Sometimes I meet candidates that are scared, some overly confident, some prepared and ready to shine.  I have enjoyed being able to blog about the interview process at Zynga as well as provide a glimpse into […]

Zynga Interview Process

During my time here at Zynga I have had the opportunity to do a lot of phone screens for candidates who are looking to join Zynga. For these candidates the Zynga Interview Process can be a little daunting simply because it is an unkown.  I thought that today I would spend a few quick minutes […]

4 Years Later – My Interview Experience at Zynga

October 2012 marks my 4 year mark at Zynga.  I figured it would be appropriate to reminisce on a few Zynga memories. Common legalese here – these are my personal experiences, viewpoints, etc and not those of the company, your results may vary, don’t try this at home, etc, etc…  🙂 In the summer of […]

Sample Software Engineer Interview Questions at Zynga

Before you read too far into this post, I think it is important to call out what this post is and what this post isn’t.  This post is not intended to be a cheat sheet for nailing a Zynga interview.  Rather I wanted to share a couple sample questions I have heard people use and […]

3 Business Skills for Zynga Engineers

Let’s face it.  As an engineer we can create freaking awesome stuff – but do we have the business chops to back up our creations?  During this post I want to explore 3 critical business skills that I believe every engineer should master. Data Driven Critical Reasoning Generally speaking, as an engineer, we are naturally […]

5 Tips to prepare for a Software Engineer Interview at Zynga

Let’s be honest – interviewing for a job is a daunting task.  Over the 3.5 years I have spent at Zynga I have done a lot of interviews from entry level engineers to CTO’s.  I thought that it would be beneficial in today’s post to share 5 pieces of advice in preparing for a software […]

Zynga announces Zynga.com

Today Zynga announced it’s platform strategy with the announcement of it’s Zynga.com property.  This is a great moment for me as this is a project that have been involved in for some time now.  I am super thrilled to see this come out to the public.  Below are some of my favorite articles on the […]